The one piece dress with law to follow

There are a lot of buyers, they say give yourself to buy then we will certainly buy one piece! “Handbag GUCCI handbags printing to cool and then Burberry handbags soft, printed scarves from Alexander McQueen to Chloe lace dress, even aristocratic temperament of Oscar De La Renta striking leopard skirt, pick to pick the eyes are spent To find your own one piece is still quite difficult.

Burberry, 2010 Valentine’s Day love money. Kelland said: “In fact, it is hardly a universal one piece, but I have a really good friend to buy is that section of the white, she said she knew what his closet missing, before she asked me to give her 5LUX here. FENDI bought a white dress, touches her weekdays flying wild section.

Burberry has just launched this year, Valentine’s Day love handbags section when she was carrying a small bag, with a 3-year-old daughter to attend a friend’s wedding we, mother and daughter are a white, like a surprise appearance in front of everybody, and that her daughter It seems to have put it down to that package.

In fact, if you are like she is a daughter, she forgot what commemorative models obsolete easy thing now! Moreover, the price of a small handbag is not high, but also for the daily gathering of friends, is very practical.

One piece in Kelland opinion only refers to so-called pants jumpsuit single product, but rather a universal light body can make clothes. For example, design a bit of shirt and handbags, are the points where, in the pockets of tight years, the benefits of one piece that has more benefits wild, most cost-effective one piece will be included in her shopping list. Kelland said, “I just think people every day that mix, but how can there be so much money to buy so many single product, especially for some type of shopper wants to have it.”

Alexander McQueen, McQueen skull scarf is a fan favorite, but a small scarf seemingly not worth the full piece of clothing. “5LUX McQueen here are selling a men’s shirt, I am tall relatively high, one on the phase, the price of 5000 yuan and farewell edition blue skull scarf almost the same, but the price is high much.” She explains, “because men wearing women is not news early, with a variety of solid color pants or suit pants are very tide, more of a personality than the big white boyfriend shirt, cold hand on one of a set of personal Well boyfriend suit. Of course, it is recommended to cool colors, some women wear cool. Another point, the current McQueen suicide because the whole world is looking for his swan song works, buyers would quickly start to do Fortunately, all the major monopoly seemingly up into McQueen goods.

The road you travel by car with smooth

Han Tao always seeking to complex attributed monotonous and icy simple to Jane, not functional, but contains a minimalist design art modern technology, if you like it, you are likely to be investigated for simple people, you want to live a simple change, follow my simple feelings of happiness, helter-skelter numerous environmental, social pressure so that we are tired of complicated work and life, so that everything becomes simple, which is wanted.

Suitable for outdoor adventure, hunting, camping, car and many other outdoor sports. Has a variety of functions in a characteristic, you can speed assembly and disassembly and changing of function, use imported materials to make more durable shovel. Your vehicle must be equipped and outdoor adventure.

Imports of steel making picks is very strong, not easy to break during use; this conversion shovel structure other than the structure of the market should be durable. Imported just to make the blade more durable; Lee toothed saw tooth design, it can be more practical in actual use.

Power cord and cigarette lighter power cord connector about 3 meters plus built-fuse cigarette lighter connector, easy to use and safe. Gas nozzle directly with automobile gas nozzle explain, fine workmanship, good sealing, afraid of leaks. Precision air gauge to let you keep control of tire pressure, tire pressure table embedded more stable and can not easily be hit loose affect accuracy. Security shrouds heat more rapidly.

High-strength polyester imports of machinery refined, headstrong, high strength, durable; enhancedlocking buckle casting stronger security, and to prevent trailers slipping iron buckle; widened thickened design, width about 4.5CM, bearing stronger, more solid.

Han Tao, focused on multi-purpose outdoor professional production equipment, has many years of research and development and foreign brands made in cash PEM technology foundation, “for outdoor to provide professional and reliable products” is the core of Han Tao, force us to discount the perfect outdoor brand.

How to choose the Travel Trolley?

Today travel has increasingly become a fashion, but according to the length of time travel from far and near, there are a lot of people go abroad shopping needs of people to travel, often carrying a trolley case. But the market Trolley variety, price from tens to tens of thousands, so how to choose a suitable trolley case is very important.

Trolley according to Material soft case and hard case, soft case divided all soft and semi-soft and hard boxcase, hard case inside which are generally divided aluminum frame boxes and zipper case. Soft case generally with oxford cloth, polyester, canvas, or the like, because it is fabric material, it is generally relatively light. Soft box around the box generally have a lot of bags, the soft box has a versatile, high capacity advantages. However waterproof soft case is generally not very good; hard case generally with PP, PC, ABS + PC and other materials made of, generally colorful, beautiful appearance, impact resistance, can be well protected in case of luggage, but generally higher than soft box heavier.

Leather: from the price point of view, is the most expensive leather. From a performance point of view, it is also the most Jingui: fear of water, fear of grinding, fear of pressure, fear of stroke – are afraid of what is required for safekeeping. Of course, the leather case is worth mentioning. But with the leather does not

environmentally friendly, no trading would be no harm.

Pu leather: that you are familiar with PU leather material. This advantage is the appearance of the box with leather like, the price is much lower than the dermis. Appearance is upscale, not afraid of water. The disadvantage is that wear resistance, low firmness. Tip: If taking a trip recommendations or choose PC, PC + ABS class box better.

Trolley: Trolley materials are usually aluminum, steel, structure length style, two-piece and three cut style. Two-piece, three-cut style, refers to the length of the rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box. Usually 20-inch, 24-inch using a three-cut type, use 28-inch two-piece. When you purchase, be sure to select the built-in rod and steel or aluminum, and aluminum’s lighter and strong, otherwise can not withstand the brutal handling, in addition, other configurations look trolley, such as retractable buttons to set whether humanity , pull the lever when the closing is smooth and so on.

Aluminum frame luggage trolley case is the interface between the upper and lower parts is an aluminum frame, usually aluminum frame rod box material are PC material, aluminum frame bags will be relatively strong overall, can also be used as portable travel chair, when tired, you can sit on it, do not worry about the situation of the aluminum frame will be deformed. But most aluminum frame bags price will be more expensive than the zipper, while the same size aluminum frame me much bulky than the same size zipper case. Aluminum frame trolley, looks more fashionable, especially now there Cailv box Trolley.

Note: There are a lot of password lock keyhole above with hexagonal pattern (see below), there is this sign is no key lock, which is called Customs lock. Customs lock TSA certification lock called, it refers to the International Customs universal universal TSA special key with respect to the use of locks. This key only customs only, is not provided by the manufacturer. Generally abroad, it suggested the use of locks with the logo.

The highest price diving watches

Whether you’re heart and soul into your work which, still enjoy the fun of diving outdoors, there is a diving watch is Excellent Excellent on the wrist. Even if you are not a real diver, but also to have these excellent performance, beautifully designed, highly practical gadgets. In this article, you will become familiar with the basic elements of a dive and the need to pay attention to the table where the purchase of a diving watch. We finally chose the higher cost of several products, but only initiate it.

As a diving watch, its main function is to tell you how long to stay at the bottom, own cylinders can hold much longer. Dive tables already available in the late 20th century, from that time until now, it has been fashionable and practical representatives. Now they have more than their predecessors dial (approximately 42 mm), it is equipped with a rotating bezel, corrosion-resistant metal or rubber strap. Solid workmanship, excellent quality while forcing grid full of dive tables is the best equipment you choose EDC.

Waterproof: This should be the most basic function of a table with diving. While some tables claim to have 50 meters of water resistance, but merely indicates that it can get through hand washing, bathing the lower water demand. As for the dive tables, 200 meters waterproof has too common. If you want your table after you swim, dive still able to walk, make sure you buy a dive watch.

Product quality: Divers will entrust their lives to a small piece of equipment, it must be able to clearly inform the diver to stay underwater for how long. For diving watch, reliable and resistant Lv is a must. A good diving watch, if properly maintained, can be used for decades is still strong. Price $ 200 or so you can add a piece of heirloom for your family.

Movement: now dive tables are basically self-winding mechanical watch, because it requires no additional battery or something. Its energy comes from the movement of your arm, as long as you also wear it in your hand, it does not take the word child.

Easy to read: underwater can clearly know that they spent more time is extremely important, rotatable bezel is a key component of the dive tables to achieve this functionality. Diving bezel rotates, so that 0 scale on the bezel align the minute hand, and then move the corresponding scale after watching the minute hand on the bezel can know the time spent diving.

Rotating diving ring multi-table has been designed as a single counter-clockwise, which is to ensure that only the accounting much computation time, not accounting less, to prevent delays and dangerous. All diving watches are equipped with striking luminous hands and markers. Usually dive table pointer, scale or surface will be coated with a fluorescent material, and deliberately magnify pointer and scale dimensions, so that divers are more easy reading.

The most beautiful street shooting poses

Sometimes you can find, not wearing the wrong clothes, makeup and not of wrong but fashion people always some distance, in fact, the only action that you sent it! Then superior clothing and styling products pose to interpret if not futile, you know a perfect street shooting, pose also key, so it was time to shoot like street up to the people to take to learn, and learn it ten most beautiful action afraid Friend Nobody point circle Like it?

One of the most common street shooting pose, the majority of stylish beach-goers alike. Legs crossed lines of action to make the legs more slender, so the overall look is extremely tall and slender, and this action will seem very lovely girl.

Standing straight street shooting always seems too rigid, so this time we should choose the method on one leg slightly bent. Not deliberately concave action is also to show the best body curve, this action applies to almost everyone.

Call to capture more of the action inadvertently. When you are in front of the camera at a loss, it would be better to hold the phone thoughtfully listen to the phone, take out will be more natural random, but this time a small cell phone can bring you to feel secure enough yet.

Side of the camera is always the most obvious way to thin, and the eyes of the Review stare and colorful, unforgettable. Whether you are quiet as the girls stop standing or walking stride speeding, a Review will allow the camera to record the most beautiful moment.

While circling the pose is inevitable that some cheesy, but it is undeniable that, when the moment of turn up the skirt or the United States was self-evident, is a classic street shooting action. In fact, the most natural walking rhythm most fashionable. Go down the action more tension, but also highlights the fact that the leg line, walking with the wind charm you understand it?

Photo of the charm lies in the shape of the two will be more colorful, not monotonous. If you are together with girlfriends beat the street would be more attractive, cooperating with each other stylish and unique outfit. Whether you are a US skirt or dress casual sports wear can try to jump this action, enjoy the fun while playing beat the lens will be fixed in the most beautiful moment, even facial expressions are more charming.

The watches use sports as the most important function

Six powerful anti-cell phone cloud fox phone I believe we are well aware, it is designed for outdoor adventurers built a six anti phones. So the next Xiaobian tell you that a cloud fox three anti-smart watch, you have heard of it?

The whole table body is made of high-strength steel to build, color is very brilliant show. That appears to have a fierce sense of visual motion Casio electronic watch. Of course, there is this feeling quite normal, after all, is the main sport watches. We do not have anything to bring this watch handsome appearance of objects, so do not come any aesthetic product according to the hand, like a pat on the use of state in life.

If the market is smart and watch what is significantly different, it should be the screen of the bar. The screen is in color, but it and other manufacturers only lit display different content. The watch can ordinary table always show the same time, of course, this time the screen is not color.

From night to check that called “sunshine screen.” Sun screen scientific name is called TF screen, is a special kind of screen material, its greatest feature is you can switch between e-ink screen and color LCD screen, so you can make this watch at the same time maintaining “often significant”, to achieve long life.

Full power, the next morning can not wait to take him out. Eight in the morning xxviii, electricity is one hundred percent. Was really looking forward to, I bring a friend to see this watch would react.

To twelve noon, in this pure standby mode, the battery indicator is full. I suddenly felt, this smart watch’s battery life, it really is pretty good. And “Sunshine screen” display in bright sunlight is also very outstanding. In addition to the above when it comes to these, in fact, still with a lot of features this watch, from the Internet to find a map.

Use sports as the most important function that can be used to detect the movement of the body. Evening meal, go for a walk. Walk fifteen minutes, I walked a total of 962 display step. Because I have been counting the number of steps in my heart, I walked a total of 954 steps, so it seems that it’s pedometer function is quite accurate.

As for the 0.654 kilometers, I do not know how it is calculated, it should be by height and weight, etc. I started to set it to automatically presumed step. As for the heart rate monitor function, uh, I’m not very concerned about, right when the entertainment bored of it.

World’s top most beautiful natural reserves

According to the US Cable News Network (CNN) reported that the greenhouse effect is increasingly serious, rapid population growth, plant communities and animal communities disappearing today, there is a ray of hope we can enjoy the natural beauty. In recent years, part of the vision of the government blocked some of them protected natural areas, in the form of nature reserves so that our children can enjoy these beautiful and fleeting little world.

Rush National Park in February 2013 was officially nominated for the National Park to protect the central part of California forest zone. Since 2300 years, due to the combined effect of fire and ice, where the volcanic spiers and cliffs formed a spectacle. Here, you can mountain climbing or hiking, the scenery around Adventure Park, just where is the more than 400 kinds of wild bees pollinating, a surprising number. Look at the sky, you may find the endangered California vulture; overlooking cave, you may also find nearly 13 species of bats.

Sable Island National Park was officially opened in July 2013, Canada became the first 43 national parks, located in Nova Scotia, 290 km away from the southeast of the provincial capital Halifax, covers an area of ​​34 square kilometers. The island has more than 500 kinds of backyard Panthers island horse, coast inhabited by more than 50,000 gray seals. Canada-based shipping bill, landed the island need to apply for special permission to the Canadian Coast Guard. The move is designed to protect the island’s unique Sable Island horses.

It is open to Afghanistan with the help of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York in June 2014 under the second national park. Park is located in the Wakhan, located in south-eastern Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush and Pamir junction, covering about 10,000 square kilometers, Yellowstone Park, a 25% bigger than the. There is a famous Wakhan corridor, with an average elevation of 4,000 meters above the rugged mountains, below the alpine mountains, snow leopard is endangered animals, one of the major habitats of Afghanistan Marco Polo sheep.

Pacific island countries memorial built by the Obama administration in September 2014, to protect the United States is within the territorial waters of the control of the Pacific islands and atolls, is currently the world’s largest marine protected area. The marine protected area, there are numerous seamounts, raising a surprising number of deep-sea corals, also the tuna, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, whales and dolphins and the main habitat of seabirds. Here visitors can tour and perform recreational fishing.

Overseas Pitcairn is a British territory, and within the area have been found to have more than 80 species of fish, corals and algae to survive, but because of illegal fishing and overfishing endangered many species, in order to protect the original ecology of those waters, to protect the rich marine life, the British government in March announced that it would build the world’s largest marine protected area in the Pacific Ocean waters near the Pitcairn Islands.

This resulted in the original ranchers killed an undeveloped ranch in government has invested 10 million pesos (about 7.45 million yuan) in October 2014 has been developed into a national park to protect Threatened species such as the jaguar, pangolins , eagles, etc. Meanwhile ranch has a swamp forest, rich in species, original intact.

Cheap NBA Snapback Hat Sale

Now it seems less and less men wearing hats, and everyone knows, from the perspective of the overall mix, such a clever little accessory is really a pity. Sunshade, embellish the face cover hair, it can be done in this step. Whether it is in history and now, hat plays its good decorative and practical, is synonymous with excellent personality.

See the Cheap NBA Snapback Hat Sale can understand a person’s identity mettle, royal nobles Gaotong hat, or sports and leisure snapback caps, or is yuppie temperament Cheap NBA Snapback Hat Sale. In 09 spring and summer T stage, many designers have touted the return of retro classic, hats also will become the most popular male accessories.

Said male cap would have to mention Tall hat emerged from the Victorian era, although it seems that only can be seen in the activities of European royalty or film and television work, but do not underestimate Gaotong hat, this is about the crown 14-19 cm Cheap NBA Snapback Hat Sale in the whole history of male clothes became popular more than a century, it is the man status symbol of an era.

It is said that the prevalence of two main reasons, one is to make men look more tall; two deep, narrow brim, when the horse can not easily be blown. Long and wide brim can play a very good shading effect, sun care and also to avoid sun damage to the eyes. The mix of leisure and sports style is the best show, neat short shirt, loose and comfortable cotton clothes are a good choice.

Cheap NBA Snapback Hat Sale is a fashion of people must have a single product styling, good money a top hat type, will make you put it down. Cold weather, the election shall favorite hat to warm yourself, with the right mix, not only warm, but also give you considerably.

Black and white stripe design, against the background of the season’s most popular naval theme, ocean winds bring cool atmosphere for your dress enriched by color. Adjusting belt back with a hat, you can adjust the Cheap NBA Snapback Hat Sale size according to your own needs, the design is very user-friendly.


Cheap Wholesale Snapback Hats

First, choose the right Cheap Wholesale Snapback Hats according to face. Who face the main square (Chinese characters face), round (round face), and tip type (pointed face) three. Round face wearing a dome cap, it is the face of large and small caps. Such as wearing a large cap is more appropriate. Who pointed face wearing a cap becomes big face small, even more thin. So wearing a dome cap is appropriate. Chinese characters face who wear all the hats are more appropriate.

Second, it must be selected according to their Cheap Wholesale Snapback Hats. Tall man hat should be big not small, or to the head light foot heavy feeling. Body short people and vice versa. Tall Tall women should not wear a hat, or gives the impression that “and” long high.

Miss sawed wearing Cheap Wholesale Snapback Hats topped, will become shorter stature. Wearing a hat and wearing the same clothes, to try to avoid weaknesses, even if he wore a satisfied, but also to make people read decency. Hat forms and colors must and clothing, scarves, gloves and shoes and other facilities.

Ladies wear glasses, do wear Cheap Wholesale Snapback Hats with complex floral, not the hat over his forehead, hat should be higher, so you can show the cool grace and elegance.

A non-standard soft eaves cap, usually as some of the national army commando, special forces and airborne forces personnel mark. Berets have easy fold, not afraid of extrusion, easy to carry, and aesthetic advantages, but also easy to coat helmet. Famous generals Montgomery marshal during World War II.

One often wears Cheap Wholesale Snapback Hats, but also different to wearing two generals and armor badge. Some countries, mainly in the color to be a distinction between the different branches of the military. US Army Rangers as wearing a black beret, wearing a green beret special forces, airborne troops wear cheap snapbacks.



Your wardrobe that have these items

There are many types of basic models, today we are saying is actually fashionable in those Timeless (timeless) of the basic models, can take the word of course go through the ordeal of fashion history, the following eight would do. Some single product may seem ordinary to no longer common, but can timeless, wild Yes, this is regardless of how the trend changes, the most indispensable fashion element.

Since 1938 Katherine Hepburn in the movie “Holiday” (Holiday) in the white shirt piercing unique and unforgettable beauty, white shirt will never left the fashion scene. ICON different years have been countless classic interpretation of it, but the classic kind of thing, often the achievements of each other, the white shirt is classic charm have this achievement.

N white shirt possibilities: it can be very noble. No matter how gorgeous it with clothes and white shirts are commensurate. It can be very casual. Even slightly wrinkled, natural style remains. It can be very capable. You want to show a sense of occupation, white shirt also help you to complete. It can be very soft. Whether or different kinds of printed material, it can be done with almost any combination you can think of the way.

History of jeans than a century already, the real rage, thanks to 60 and 70 years of rock and roll culture, it can even be said to be a symbol of freedom of dress. Let jeans trend shift silhouette also has changed, but a slim jeans, upper body is whenever appropriate, and it’s really timeless.
It can be very simple. Plus a casual jacket, a pair of white sneakers, did not think too much. It can be very elegant. Put fine shirt and handbags, as well as high-heeled shoes, lazy means nothing. It can be very handsome sex. A little bit into the locomotive or rock elements, which can instantly turn up unrestrained.

Sleeveless shirt wild inherited genes, sleeveless design is more suitable because of increasingly warming weather. Whether it is to deal with rigorous workplace, or relaxing private time, sleeveless shirt summer outfit can help you solve different puzzles. I would like to know in the end how many match possible? To see to know.

Workplace –Amber Heard white sleeveless shirt and black high waist wide leg pants combination, stylish and able so easily to create a sense of professionalism. Dating – For Plump girl can refer sleeveless shirt models Kate Upton, with the waist and hem length body modification, present a more graceful lines. Like Coco Rocha selected so vibrant color wide leg pants and sleeveless shirt combination, it may seem simple, but in the same overhangs receptions and other occasions.